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Marilynn, owner and broker of Classic Charleston Properties, is an award-winning "Realtor of Distinction" professional in the Charleston real estate market.  As a top producing agent and leader in her field, she works tirelessly to maintain comfortable and constructive relationships with fellow professionals. In the business she has successfully handled administration, sales management, business development, marketing, sales training and now ownership of a successful firm, but her focus is always on her clients’ well-being. 

Marilynn is confident and creative, always considering new and different ways to respond to the challenges of real estate. Her honed negotiating skills are envied, and her pricing and positioning strategies incisive.  Her warm nature coupled with a calm manner make for transactions that leave her clients comfortable and confident in their real estate decisions.

Marilynn works with top agents from a few of the best agencies in town to supplement information and marketing for her buyers and sellers. Ask her about how she does this.

Q & A with Marilynn Durkee:


Q: One of the first questions people who want to buy or sell a house is "how long have you been in real estate", so let's start with that question.


A: I moved to Charleston in 2002 and started in real estate in 2005. I now own Classic Charleston Properties and have since 2011. I have always been a full-time Realtor® as I take the business seriously.


Q: WHY did you move to Charleston? And from where?


A: Charleston is about as close to Europe as it gets in the US, and that is where I have spent the majority of my previous life. I moved to Charleston from Belgium during a divorce, but have lived in many different countries over the years (Finland, Canada, Chile, Panama, Switzerland, UK, and even Russia) This makes it very easy for me to work with buyers who make the move from another state - I've already experienced the challenges! I will also say my "diplomatic" training is helpful in making me kindly aggressive.


Q: Are you originally from Europe?


A: No, I was born in Michigan and raised in Illinois. Spending many years surrounded by corn fields and near the home of Ronald Reagan. I'm really glad I had a midwestern up-bringing: good values, tolerance for cold weather, appreciation for warm weather, and LOTS of cookie recipes. I make a killer pie! I was really eager to leave and see the world, so I went to a small college in Switzerland where the curriculum was filled with travel and learning. From there I headed to a “big ten” university in Bloomington, Indiana to finish my degree in education and experience a large school.


Q: What is your real estate specialty?


A: That's a good question, because realtors usually don't specialize, but I do have my preferences. I started the business selling and listing single family homes, but as I had moved into a luxury condo myself, I could see there was a need for luxury condo sales because of the intricacies of buying and owning a condo versus a home, so that became my specialty. Although I still sell various types of single family homes to both investors and homeowners, condos is where my heart is, and where I can really help someone.


Q: Why should we pick you to represent us?


A: My answer is two factors of real estate.  First: ethics - Realtors® are licensed and the public has the expectation and right to ethics in our transactions. Second: paperwork - no one really loves the tedium of contracts and forms but knowing and handling the paperwork properly for a client can save aggravation, money, emotional fatigue, you name it! I used to teach classes in real estate, and it is vital to be up-to-date on the "small print"! I learned the business by being mentored by a lawyer/Realtor® who insisted the understanding of every sentence so I’ve learned from the best. The papers we put in front of a client to sign are complex, legally binding documents, and my clients need to trust that I am watching out for them! 

Interested in Selling?

Everyone wants to sell their home quickly and at top dollar.

Those who understand real estate transactions want the best Realtor®

However, not everyone is willing to invest time and research to find the best because they see the service as a cost and not an investment.


Hiring a professional Realtor® is an INVESTMENT and not a COST.


When you hire a Realtor®, you get expertise, marketing tricks, negotiating skills and top dollar for your property. Even Realtors hire other realtors for help with their own homes.


Cut to the chase and hire the best which you have just found - Classic Charleston Properties. We have helped a lot of other Realtors® to market and sell their homes, and that is a wonderful endorsement. Call now.

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